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A member of the mint family, this striking teak tree is found throughout Southeast Asia in Myanmar, western Laos, the Philippines, India and Indonesia. It grows to an average height of 18m with a girth of 0.5m. Beneath its scaly bark is a strong, dark gold wood that turns deep brown when exposed to air and sunlight. Teak is well known for its ability to withstand the elements, as well as being resistant to decay and termites.



Teak has a high oil content, making it very weather resistant and therefore offers good elasticity. The oil content protects the wood against insect infestation and also means that teak is an ideal timber for garden furniture and boat decks. It is a hard and heavy wood. The best quality timber comes from the oldest teak trees.


Teak has a high silica content; making it renowned for blunting wood working tools. It can be difficult to glue together because the oils form a barrier that will not easily absorb the glue into the surface. Teak is an expensive timber to buy.


Teak is commonly used in ship and boatbuilding projects (for decking, rails, bulwarks and hatches), veneer, furniture, exterior construction, carving, turnings and for construction of other small wooden objects.

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